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Everyone knows that the minds of women are impenetrable. Getting to understand what they want and what they are thinking requires six PhDs and more computing power than Google. Luckily, we have crunched that data and found out form various dating sites exactly what women do really think of men and what they do really […] Read more

All guys want to be great in bed, and for all we know, you might already be a superior lover. If so, congratulations. But we all always have something to learn, and when it comes to pleasuring women in bed, there can surely be no point at which any man is through learning. We all […] Read more

Most dates go without a hitch. Perhaps they end well, or perhaps they don’t, but most at least end safely with each either consenting to what is going to happen next or going their separate ways. However, every night, somewhere, a date goes horribly wrong and a women ends up raped, beaten, or worse. Therefore, […] Read more

Probably the one question men ask more than any other. They see a hot guy out for the night on the arm of a guy who looks like a complete asshole, or that they know is a complete asshole. Either that, or they have had numerous conversations with their female friends who are dating such […] Read more

Sometimes dates just do not go well. It could be that the girl turns out to be not all she cracked up to be, that she is not keen on you after a first meet, or that you simply do not click how you thought you would. Whatever the problem is, extricating yourself from the […] Read more

It is a great idea for couples to share their fantasies. From your point of view, you have the chance of living out your fantasies, which is obviously great. You also get the chance to hear her fantasies and have the opportunity to act those out as well. If you are lucky, her fantasies will […] Read more

The first date is your first chance to size each other up. You will both be looking at each other in terms of future potential and current sex appeal. You will want to come off as charming, suave and funny, not creepy, weepy and desperate. That is why it is important to play safe on […] Read more

Though we live in an age of equal opportunity it still pays to be a gentleman sometimes, especially when you start to date someone new. Even if she is well into feminism, as we all are, it is better to play safe and be the full on gentleman to start, and then tone things down […] Read more

Exercise should be about the long term. You should set defined goals and work on strength conditioning and cardiovascular conditioning equally. You should stretch properly, warm up and warm down, and always consult a professional before attempting any new workouts or routines…But sometimes you just want to look hot, right? Probably you have a hot […] Read more

Online dating can either be a passport to success, where you might land the women of your dreams, or it can be your worst nightmare when someone, somewhere in the world decides that they want to try and scam you out of as much of your money as possible. Unfortunately, this is what happened to […] Read more