3 Sex Moves That All Women Love

All guys want to be great in bed, and for all we know, you might already be a superior lover. If so, congratulations. But we all always have something to learn, and when it comes to pleasuring women in bed, there can surely be no point at which any man is through learning. We all always want to make sure we are as good as can be so that she is both impressed and satisfied, and of course more than willing to give back. In that vein, here are three things that you could do today that your partner would love and will get you all the sex you need.

woman in bed

woman in bed

Going Down

This should be number one on your list of things to do in bed, and if you are still a bit shy about it then you have to join the twenty-first century. Going down on a girl is the best way to turn her on and to get her red hot for anything else the night entails. If she is also shy about it, then try to put her at ease and tell her how pretty she is down there and how good she tastes. Women are insecure about this type of thing, and the more relaxed she is the better time she will have.


Even if your partner is a hot-blooded women who likes to assert herself in all walks of life, sometimes she wants you to be a man and take charge. Almost all women have some kind of fantasy that involves being dominated. This might be a teacher/student fantasy, or something more approaching BDSM. But at some point she will want to be tied up and treated mean. Keep it light and fun to start with though, and make sure there is always a safe word so that she can stop it at any point.


Just as she would like to be tied up, no doubt she wants to be a dominatrix at some point and have you begging for it. This is a particular fantasy of girls who may seem timed and shy in public, but want to turn into rampant sex monsters in the bedroom. If you are happy with this type of play, then tell her that you like it when she is in control and that you want to do whatever you can to satisfy her in bed.