How To Spot Fake Dating Service Profiles And Fraudsters

We have gone to a lot of lengths to point out the good sites for you that are free from scams, so we hope that you will never have to use this information, but what happens if you do come across what you believe to be a fake dating service profile? How can you tell them apart from the real profiles and make sure that you are getting a real girl on the other end and not just a scammer or someone look to part you from your money…

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Scammers Know What Men Want

Men’s wants in this world are fairly simple – a hot girl who will do lots of kinky stuff when the bedroom door is closed, and let them hang out with their pals all other times. Ideally they will also be able to make a good steak as well.

Scammers prey on these instincts. They know that any man will open a profile that has a hot photo attached just to see the photo, and that they will happily start to chat with a girl that might look like that even if there is the merest whiff of sex with her.

But whenever you see a picture like that then you really have to engage brain and disengage dick and stop, think and switch off because there are always scammers behind such profile pictures.

If It Looks Like A Duck

You have to wonder whether any real woman would put pictures like those up on the internet. It is fairly unlikely and that should be your clue. Good girls are not adverse to bad pictures, but generally they come later in the relationship. Plus you have to remember, you are not here for pics, you want to meet real women, so don’t be side-lined by images like that.

If the picture looks like a porn star, then it probably is, taken off some site somewhere and served up to you to get your attention. And, of course, the same goes for any text that goes along with it. If it is explicit right off the bat then that should be a big red warning light, telling you that something isn’t right here. Scam dating service website profiles like this are set up by girls, or guys, simply to get your money and you will be given nothing of what they are offering.

You have to be wary immediately with these types of girls as it might not just be your money they are after. It could be that they will try to get personal information out of you that they can either sell on the dark recesses of the web for identity fraud purposes, or use straight away to siphon money from your accounts or buy things online. Of course most do eventually come up with the sob story to end all sob stories in order to relieve you of the weight in your wallet. Another option is that they are expecting you to pay for the sex on offer, but you want no that until they have hooked you completely and you definitely want what they have to offer.

Scammers Are Smart

Now that scammers know that people are on to them, there tricks are becoming far more subtle, so you do have to be even more wary than before. For instance, though a lot still use porn pictures for enticement, some use more normal, girl-next-door type images culled from social media or stock photo sites. But these can also be a tell-tale for scammers. If the photo is too good, then again this should be a sign to you to watch out. Everyone is going to put their best photos online, but if they look photo-shopped then probably a scam artist is behind this profile.

Signs are complexions that are too smooth, over-enhanced boobs or butt, or an artificially slimmed waist. If they are good, these can be very hard to spot, but most are not dab hands with an airbrush so you can see the signs of adjustment.

Look for pictures on a profile where the girl is with friends, doing activities or in more regular settings. These are more likely to be kosher and of the real girl. Also look for sets of images to show continuation and not just single images that could easily have been stolen.

Too Forward

The final obvious sign of a fake profile is if they are far too forward immediately. If when you start chatting with a girl she is already offering to come over and suck you off, then something isn’t right. You probably do not want to get with a girl that forward anyway, but a lot of guys certainly will be and will become hooked to such girls. Before they know it, they are paying for her to come to their town from afar… or not, as the case may be.

Real girls are going to be coy initially, trying to scope you out and get a proper conversation going. Look for real girls who will have real conversations with you rather than pseudo-porn stars that will tell you what you want to hear.