Match Reviews | Does It Work Or It’s a Fake Website? is probably the biggest dating site on the internet, so it is no surprise it makes our top five. It already boasts more success than any other dating site, though for our purposes, it was outmatched by But still, because it is such a large site, it has a large amount of women to choose from, and the biggest bonus of this was that it meant we could easily find plenty of local women to date. This meant that we were confident that the girls were not scammers, looking for money to fly in from afar, and it seemed the vast majority of the women on the site were really there to find guys for fun, rather than money. usa reviews

The local nature of the women on the site meant that it was really good for setting up lots of dates, meaning that you increase your overall chances of hooking up by just upping the number of dates that you go on. We also really liked the girls on, finding the very down to earth and real. We guessed that this was because it was the go-to site for dating in the internet so most of your ‘average’ girls would head there. This meant that most of the girls were of average hotness, but a lot were still cute and we definitely found some that were smoking. features
After testing for many months we decided to ranks this dating service #2. This website was really efficent. You should try Match

The Best Strategies on

We found that following our profile advice was the best way to succeed on a site like Because there were so many people to choose from on the site, you have to make sure that your profile, and particularly your pictures, really stand out from the crowd. Weirdly, it seemed a lot of guys didn’t get this, instead choosing to put together only the most basic of profiles and just a single image or two. This strategy just cannot work on a site like where there is so much competition. You have to make sure that there is a reason for the women to read your profile and contact you, or for them to learn more from your profile after you have messaged them. Having a good profile puts you so far ahead of the competition that it is embarrassing, and we thought that we were likely to be getting ten times as many messages as most of the guys on the site.

Having a good profile made the rest of the interactions on the site a lot easier, as the women could already see what we were about and we knew that if they contacted us back, then they had read our profile and seen our pictures and liked what they had seen. Women

Because is the most popular site on the internet, it has a wide range of women. Therefore there were absolute munters on the site, as well as absolute stunners. But the great majority of the girls on fell in the average category. This was not a problem for us, as we were more than willing to engage with average-looking girls as long as they were genuine and up for a good time. However, in terms of the girls that we chose to contact first, we always tried to choose ones that looked slightly better than the rest, and had a lot of photos to prove it. That last point is vital, as anyone can look good in a single photo, but it takes real beauty to look good in multiple images taken at multiple times. This is the thing you should always look out for on sites – plenty of photos.

We ended up on dates will a fair few really cute girls through, and because it is a big site, in general all the girls on it are normal. They are not looking for crazy stuff or looking for something very specific. Rather they are also just looking for a decent, kind, fun, good-looking guy, which we were more than happy to supply 😉 Test Results

The results from Match were:

  • Emails Sent: 180
  • Replies Received: 124
  • Dates: 20 girls were really responsive to our emails and we ended up going on a decent amount of dates with the girls form the sites. Because of the size of the site, we feel that if you put even more effort into the site, it is possible to end up with even more dates over a 3-month period, but 20 dates is nothing to sneeze at.


If you want to succeed on then you have to make sure you write well and photo great. There is just too much competition otherwise to flourish. Because there are thousands upon thousands of people on this site, it is important that you stand out from the crowd as much as possible. The only way to do this is to make sure that first, your photo grabs the attention of any women who is browsing through the search pages, and second, that once she clicks through to your profile, she is impressed. Otherwise she just has too much choice and can move on to the next guy. This also helps if you are doing the messaging, as it makes sure that you have backup to your great messages.

Top 3 Features

The single greatest feature of was the array of women on offer. Because of the size of the site, we challenge any man not to manage to get a date with someone through The possibilities on the site are almost endless, and whatever it is that you choose to go for in your love life, we can guarantee you will find the women for you somewhere on

It is also great in terms of dating local. is probably going to have the highest hit ration in terms of women in your local area that fir your criteria, so you can get started with the actual dating as quickly as possible.

Also, because the site is the pioneer in terms of internet dating, it has a lot of data and research to fall back on. This means that when you use their search algorithms to find a match to your specific wants, they are likely to come up with a pretty close match to exactly the type of girl that you want. – Our Final Recommendation

Our results from were great, which was partly down to the site itself and partly down to how we chose to approach the site. is great simply because it has such a large number of members and therefore you chance of finding the right girl for you are increased. But if you sit back and let the site do all the work, expecting all these girls to come running, you are still going to strike out on the site. You have to be proactive on the site, and for, that means making sure that your profile and photos stand out from the rest of the guys there and that you give the girls the best reasons to contact you.