First Step – Spot Online Scams On Dating Services

If you have decided to try online dating, you are about to get involved in one of the biggest business in the world. Because there is a lot of money at stake, there are people looking to take it from you at every turn. Scammers put a lot of effort into making their sites look absolutely legit and as good as the real ones. The idea of this guide is to help you avoid those sites, no matter how good they look, and avoid internet dating scams, only concentrating on the sites that we have defined as offering real, hot women for flings and dating.

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Choose The Best Sites Only

The sites we have chosen, only five from hundreds in total, represent the absolute cream of dating sites on the web today, and we have chosen them for a few reasons. The criteria we have used is the criteria all guys would use when rating a dating site: the quality on offer and the success rate. But another important consideration we came across was that these sites were not full of scammers looking to take our money or string us along.

We are 100% confident in telling you that, if you use these sites, you will meet real women and will not get hundreds upon hundreds of fake messages and profiles thrown at you. When we used these sites, they were free of fakies and dating service scams and we had no trouble in chatting to, and eventually meeting completely real people who lived up to their online profiles. That is important. If you were to go to some of the less decent sites we DO NOT recommend, you will find pictures scrapped form porn sites, Facebook and other image sites of hot women who bear no relation to the girl (or guy) on the other end of your digital connection.

Fakes And Frauds

You will find such pictures everywhere on bad dating sites. This is where a little thought (with your head rather than somewhere else) comes in: How many super-hot girls do you know? Exactly, not many. So why do you think there would be some many of them on this site, and all over the web, looking for guys like you?

Sorry to break it to you, but they are fake, and if you see picture of perfect 10s on a site, particularly on the landing page when you arrive, then they are likely online dating service scams. Scammers just scrap the web for images of hot girls and post them as part of their fake profiles, either to get you to sign up to that site, or to get your money by other means. In reality, there just aren’t girls like that on any of these sites, so if that is what you are after, you are better off just heading to a porn site.

That is not to say the girls on these sites are bad, far from it, just that they are more likely to be 7s, or at tops 8s and maybe 9s rather than all the top-quality 10s you have been promised. Of course, these will easily be enough for you and you’ll have an enjoyable experience with these legitimate girls, particularly as they legitimately want you.

The type of fakes above are only the tip of the iceberg. You will also find sites where women have put up profiles pretending to be really interested in you, only for them to try and finagle money out of you one way or another. If you are clued up, you can spot these a mile off. They will be very forward, happy to be explicit and basically act like your wet dream come true. But after a while, when they know you are hooked, you’ll get some version of the same old story. They will need money for something: to see you, to visit a sick aunt, to take their ill puppy to the vets, etc… These super-hot girls are just a scam and you should always beware of anyone looking too good to be true, because they are. As soon as you hand over any money, they will suddenly disappear and you will be left playing with yourself again. Beware of these scams and just ignore them every time.