Site Reviews: 5 Leading Dating Services That You Should Use

The Bad dating sites

Unfortunately, once you start online dating you walk straight into a minefield. There are over 500 different online dating websites, and most of these are terrible. In fact, we think that 99% of all online sites are more likely to get you scammed than get you laid. Some are unintentionally terrible, set up to try and profit from the online dating boom in recent years and are put together without much thought apart from how to get your money. These ones might not be designed to scam you, but they are so badly designed that you end up getting scammed anyway. These are the ones were fraudsters and fake accounts thrive. On these sites, you will find that the vast majority of girls are just looking to get money out of you somehow. Either they will give you a sob story about how much they need money for healthcare/travel/dying puppy, or they’ll entice you so much that you’ll set up a date quickly with the promise of rampant sex, only to find that she expects you to pay for it (“oh, didn’t I mention that in the email”). And then there are the sites that are almost blatant about getting your money. There either tease you will free features, only to find that actually contacting and talking to women online on their sites costs an arm and a leg, but by then you have already found the women of your dreams and will pay through the nose for her. Either that, or, as the saying goes “if you are not paying, you are the product”, and you’ll find that all of the intimate details you have shared on these sites are finding their way to people who are willing to pay for privileged information.This is why we think that you should, at the very least, check out our run down of the best online dating sites, to make sure you are picking the good ones. These top online dating service websites are the only ones online that are guaranteed to give you a good experience of online dating.

The Good dating sites

It isn’t all bad. There are those five good online dating service sites out there. These are the best online dating services. Why? Well, to start they are free of scams. The women on these sites are genuine and they are all big names in the dating ecosystem, so you can trust that they are legitimate and not looking to scam you or sell you out. After that, they all offer a really large membership, meaning that you will have plenty of women to choose from in your local area. They all also offer some really good features that allow you to get the most out of online dating and you can read all about them at our online dating service reviews.

The Five Leading Dating Services

Dating ServiceRankingRatingEmails SentReplies ReceivedDatesRead ReviewVisit The Site
logo of Xpress1★★★★★18014721Read the ReviewTry Xpress For Free
logo of Match2★★★★18012420Read the ReviewTry Match For Free
logo of PassionSearch3★★★★18010815Read the ReviewTry PassionSearch For Free
logo of Passion4★★★★18012012Read the ReviewTry Passion For Free
logo of Establishedmen5★★★1801277Read the ReviewTry Establishedmen For Free

These are the best online dating services you are going to come across when you start online dating, and the only ones you should use, and ideally you should use two or more of these sites to maximize your chances. We sent out emails to as many hot girls as we could find on these sites and you can see how we fared. Our dating service reviews of each of these sites are also available. If you chose any of these sites, and follow our advice, you’ll also be able to get great results, and great dates, from these sites.

Beware Of Scams On These Dating Services

Dating ServiceRankingRatingEmails SentReplies ReceivedDatesRead Review
logo of OkCupid100% SCAM★★180502Read the Review
logo of MatchMaker100% SCAM★★1801200Read the Review
logo of Date100% SCAM★★1801100Read the Review
logo of Zoosk100% SCAM★★1801090Read the Review
logo of Lavalife100% SCAM★★180540Read the Review
logo of FriendFinder100% SCAM180430Read the Review
logo of POF100% SCAM180350Read the Review
logo of Flirt100% SCAM180230Read the Review
logo of Spark100% SCAM180100Read the Review
logo of eHarmony100% SCAM180100Read the Review

Our Testing

The essentials of our testing strategy were quite basic. We sent out two emails per day to women that we liked on each site. We did this for three months straight, which we considered a fair amount of contact and gave us a good appreciation of each site. Whomever responded we struck up conversations with and tried our best to get dates, if we still liked them. As actual dating is what this is all about, those sites that gave us the largest number of dates ended up at the top of the list. A big consideration of our testing is that we only contacted girls that we actually liked. If we had sent out blanket emails to all the girls we could, these numbers could have been even greater. But you want to actually date someone you like, so we made sure that we only looked for the best girls’ right from the beginning, and only ended up dating the ones that were really something special.