How To Choose the Best Dating Service Profile Picture?

When you are looking through the results of your search on online dating sites, what is it that draws your attention first?

Correct. The picture. The main dating service profile picture is the calling card for all dating profiles, yours included. Women choose men on looks just as much as men choose women based on how good they look in that initial picture. Therefore it always astounds us when guys just upload any old picture they have lying around as the first thing a girl they want to date is going to see. It is amazing.

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You have to put effort, and a bit of money into your online dating profile picture. If you just took it with your camera phone 20 seconds before it was uploaded in bad light after a long day, is it any wonder that women are passing it by? Most search pages present at least 20 profiles at once and people only spend a few seconds on each page. Yours has to stand out. Otherwise the women of your dreams is going to pass you by.

And you should not leave it there. Again, many men make the mistake of only uploading that main image, and perhaps one more that will be similar. But that will give the girl absolutely no idea of who you are, beyond what your face actually looks like. The best of our dating profile picture tips is to remember, “a picture speaks a thousand words”. You can save yourself a lot of time writing both your profile and messages if you can actually present photographic evidence of your awesomeness. We always suggest keeping you profile and messages short and sweet, and having photos instead allows you to do just that. For instance, why describe your recent world trip if you can just show her pictures of you looking great in Rome instead?

So, you will need a fair few pictures – your main picture and your secondary pictures.

Your Main Picture

Your main picture is your hook. It is the picture that the girl is going to see as she searches through all of the men on the site, and it is going to be the one that is attached to any messages that you send her. Therefore this one has to be awesome.

Most men choose to go with just a basic face pic, but this is a big mistake. Why? Well it says nothing at all about you, bar your eye color and whether your hair is receding. Your main picture should give the girl a reason to click through to the rest of your pictures and your profile. The best way to do this is to make it stand out and be intriguing by showing you doing something awesome. We found that there were some sure fire winners in terms of getting women to click through:

  • Horseback riding
  • Holding a puppy
  • Skydiving
  • Climbing
  • Riding a motorbike

All these feed into a certain type of fantasy that women have. Either the daredevil, the strong and caring type, the outdoorsman, etc…

Not all of these are going to work for every girl, but for most women they are far more intriguing than a simple face picture, and much better than a bad quality phone picture. We suggest you make sure that whenever you are away doing something fun, you get loads of pictures. You can even go and do these things explicitly to get the pictures for it in order to post online. A horseback ride is going to cost you just $50, something that might be well worth it in the number of dates it is going to get you.

Secondary Pictures

You should have plenty of secondary pictures. You want to make sure there is a whole gallery that she can look through at her leisure and start fantasizing about. For that reason, we think you should post pictures of things that she can imagine doing with you. The best way to do this is to show pictures of you in interesting places, traveling about. Then she will imagine being on your arm in those places. Go through your old holiday photos (ideally not too old) and find the very best ones of you in great places, ideally with your buddies. Then you can also show how fun and sociable you are and how much you travel and do interesting things. A big no-no though would be photos on holiday with an ex. She doesn’t want to see any other women in the place that she will be thinking about being.

What Not To Do

As well as good pictures, there are also bad pictures.

  • Make sure all of your pictures are good quality. You do not like looking of images of her in bad quality, so she is not going to want to do the same with you. Get a good camera and some quality shots.
  • Don’t go rude. Some shirtless shots are OK if you are a) on a beach, and b) well built. But don’t just show a picture of you flexing in front of your bathroom mirror.
  • No Women. Again, don’t show yourself on spring break surrounded by a bevy of bikini girls. You are creating a fantasy for her, and she will want to be the only women in that fantasy

If you follow these simple dating service profile picture tips then it will go a long way towards get you noticed on dating sites. These sites can be huge, with thousands of people on them. So stand out.