Passion Reviews & Ratings – Is It A Good Dating Site?

Passion is another big site in online dating and was another site on which we found great success. We got the most out of this site by making sure that are pictures were the best quality available, and by adding to that a good profile. This led to lots of women making the first contact, and plenty of replies to our messages. Passion is a good value site, mainly because it gives you access to a lot of women in your local area so you can start dating pretty much straight away. They also pride themselves on being the number one most trusted internet dating site, so you can be confident that there are limited scammers, tricksters and fake accounts on the site. usa reviews

Strategies on Passion.

We found that was a very visually-oriented site, with people posting a lot of photos of themselves. This meant that our photos had to be especially good to stand out from the rest of the guys available. Luckily, we were following our own advice and had put together some really good images, which meant that we had a lot of interest in our profile from a lot of women. This also meant that when we sent messages to girls, we were confident that they would be impressed by our gallery and message back. As online dating is all about confidence, having this available to you really makes a difference. A bonus of the emphasis on the visual on this site was that there were plenty of pictures of cute girls to go browsing through when we were looking for people to contact. featuresAfter testing for many months we decided to ranks this dating service #4. This website was really efficent. You should try Passion

The guys that were missing out on this site were the ones who had only uploaded a couple of photos of themselves, and generally not very flattering ones at that. To succeed on Passion, you definitely have to make sure you have good face photos, action photos, cute photos, friend photos, etc. to catch the eye of any prospective date.

Women On Passion

We thought that the women on Passion were a cut above the rest, and found more than our fair share of cute girls to message, and plenty to date. This is a big site so it still does have its dark recesses, and you have to pick carefully, but because of the emphasis on good photography on the site, it is easier than most to find out what a girl really looks like (remember, everyone lies). The age did range quite dramatically though. Because online dating is no longer looked down on, you get quite a few young women looking for love online, whereas it used to be more of a mature clientele. So at Passion they had co-eds all the way up to grannies. Which end of that spectrum you choose is up to you, but we generally went towards the lower end (but not too low – we wanted girls who were fun, but still mature). Test Results

The results from Passion were:

  • Emails Sent: 180
  • Replies Received: 108
  • Dates: 15

We had a decent amount of dates from, and overall were impressed with the site. The girls were all nice, and even the ones who we didn’t set up dates with were cool online and we had fun with. The dates were mostly great, with some being exceptional, and only one turning out to be a nightmare.

Beating The Passion System

The best way to succeed on Passion was to have both good pictures and accompany it with a good profile. For the pictures, we made sure we had the whole set available: you want pictures of just you, both a good close up on the face and ideally a whole body pic, particularly if you are buff. Then you want the shots of you doing stuff to show how interesting and dateable you are. Good action shots are a must, showing your manly side, but you also want photos with your friends showing sociability, and of course whenever you’ve done anything resembling cute. Girls love to ‘aww’…But although the site does seem to have more pictures than a lot of the rest, they are only half the story. You have to make sure you have a good profile as well, otherwise, no matter how good the photos are, no women will bother getting in contact. Having a good profile also helps with you are being proactive, as it gives something for the women to latch onto and read after you have piqued their interest with your messages. Remember that the whole idea of this is to sell yourself to these women, so you should use all the weapons that you possess and do not think that just have pictures of your rock-hard abs will make them coming running (OK, we’ll admit that will work on some girls).

Top Passion Features boasts some very good matching models which help you to narrow down your search to exactly the right girls for you. Something like this is imperative on a site as large as Passion, and, while we would always say you should contact as many women as possible on these sites to increase your chances, we also think it helps to narrow it down a little so that you do not become overwhelmed. There set up system also helps you refine your criteria by asking lots of questions about you and what exactly you want. Whereas we are personally keen on getting our profiles up and running as soon as possible, we know that other guys want to go through those selection processes carefully to get exact matches.

Passion – Our Final Recommendation is one of the oldest and largest online dating sites and therefore attracts a lot of women to it, who are more comfortable with a site with a reputation that they can trust. This means that there are so many women available that anybody should be able to succeed on the site, and if you follow our guidance, particularly that about photos and profiles, then you will definitely find great women on Passion.