first date

The location of your first date is obviously of paramount importance for both how well that date goes, and how well the relationship fares in general. There are some safe bets for places to go. A nice, small, independent restaurant is always a good option, particularly for the romantic appeal. If you want to keep […] Read more

Most dates go without a hitch. Perhaps they end well, or perhaps they don’t, but most at least end safely with each either consenting to what is going to happen next or going their separate ways. However, every night, somewhere, a date goes horribly wrong and a women ends up raped, beaten, or worse. Therefore, […] Read more

The first date is your first chance to size each other up. You will both be looking at each other in terms of future potential and current sex appeal. You will want to come off as charming, suave and funny, not creepy, weepy and desperate. That is why it is important to play safe on […] Read more

Though we live in an age of equal opportunity it still pays to be a gentleman sometimes, especially when you start to date someone new. Even if she is well into feminism, as we all are, it is better to play safe and be the full on gentleman to start, and then tone things down […] Read more