3 Topics You Should Never Be Discussing On Your First Date

The first date is your first chance to size each other up. You will both be looking at each other in terms of future potential and current sex appeal. You will want to come off as charming, suave and funny, not creepy, weepy and desperate. That is why it is important to play safe on the first date and show the crazy, at least in terms of conversation. There are some great things to talk about on that you should talk about on the first date, ideally showcasing your funny, caring and sensitive sides, exactly the kind of things that women really want in their men. Conversely, there are topics that should be avoided like the plague on a first date and that you should under no circumstance bring up, otherwise you will definitely be leaving that restaurant alone that night. Here are the top three conversation disasters that we think you should steer clear of:

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Unless you are currently recovering from either a) a sporting injury that will show your athletic prowess or b) an injury you sustained while rescuing a kitten/baby/old women from a tree/fire/runaway train you should not discuss whatever ails you. A woman is thinking about you in terms of genetic suitability for her offspring, so if you are telling her how often you are ill then it will immediately turn her against you. This should be obvious, but you would be surprised at how many men think discussing their debilitating bowel disease over a chocolate mousse is a good idea.


Bragging about how much money you have is also a good way to turn off any woman, any decent woman at least. Ideally, if you do have a bit of money, then the restaurant you chose and the clothes you are wearing should show that you are a man of means, rather than any words you have it say. Try and keep any wealth discrete and you will be able to find much more decent woman. Also, if the cupboards are a little bare, do not go around flaunting your poverty and giving her sob stories. She will just see you as a wastrel and even if she doesn’t care about money, your obsession with it with turn her off you.


Another thing that should be obvious is not talking about either previous conquests or the lost loves of your life. You are there to enjoy her company and think about the future together, not to reminisce about your ex-girlfriend and to talk about her all night. No girl wants to be immediately compared to an ex, so if you talk too much about other women in your life she will start to feel insecure and certainly will not want to be compared to your ex in bed later that night.