Ladies: Staying Safe On Your First Date – Safety Tips

Most dates go without a hitch. Perhaps they end well, or perhaps they don’t, but most at least end safely with each either consenting to what is going to happen next or going their separate ways. However, every night, somewhere, a date goes horribly wrong and a women ends up raped, beaten, or worse. Therefore, even if the guy seems like a brilliant guy and the nicest man to walk the earth since Jesus, every woman should take certain precautions before stepping out with someone who is ostensibly a stranger. The first concern of a date night has to be to stay safe, and then you can have the most fun.

Make Sure Someone Knows Where You Are

This is definitely number one on the list. Make sure someone, a friend, mother, sister, roommate knows where you are going and what you are doing the evening. It might seem fun to have illicit, secretive liaisons but it will feel better if you know someone knows where you went if you go missing. Be very wary of any guy that wants you to keep him secret from those closest to you. Try to always have a confidante that knows where you are and what you are up to whenever there is someone new in your life.

Watch For Warnings Signs

As above, sometimes the guy will start to give some subtle warnings that he is not the nice guy that you thought, and the more attuned to these you are the better. If he does want you to not tell others about him then that is a red flag. Any decent guy will be happy for your friends to know about them, as they will likely meet them at some point. Same goes for your parents. If you are young and some guy doesn’t want your parents to know about them then be very careful around them. If you are out on a date, then watch for signs that the man might be violent or unstable. How does he act around other people? Does he seem anxious or aggressive? If you feel in the slightest worried about your safety then say no to anything he suggests and get out of there. If his reaction is one of anger and frustration then you know you have made the right choice. If he is understanding, then you can always meet up again some other time.

Meet In Public

Never, ever on a first date agree to meet at their house or anywhere else that is private or out of the way. Always meet where there are other people, be it a coffee shop, restaurant or a bar. Anywhere like that means that at any point you can get up and walk out and he will not be able to stop you. If you meet in seclusion, even if he is a decent man, you just do not know what will happen. Allow yourself time to get to know him before you end up alone with him.

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