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We did not have a lot of luck on, but that didn’t stop it being a good site or one that we wouldn’t recommend. It seemed more advanced than a lot of sites and one more geared towards serious daters, but we still found some girls that were up for fun on there. If you are looking for more serious dating options and like the idea of a site trying to match you exactly with certain people, which wasn’t really our thing, then might work very well with you and you’ll have more luck than us. usa reviews

Our Favourite Strategies

It definitely paid to be forward when trying to date girls on Not too much, which is what most guys do wrong, but the girls here definitely expected the guys to make the first moves, and therefore sending the right messages to the right girls was imperative. It seemed a lot of guys missed this on the site, and either went in too heavy, sending explicit messages immediately, or not sending anything at all and losing out by being lazy. featuresAfter testing for many months we decided to ranks this dating service #5. This website was really efficent. You should try Establishedmen

It seemed that this was the kind of site for women who liked to be chased and enjoyed the idea of a guy trying to chase and woo. This was fine by us, as we were more than happy to play the confident guy and be strong and forward. We believe that this is what most girls want and it seemed we were right, at least on this site. Though we ending up with few dates, we did actually get a lot of contact from girls when we did send messages, and put our lack of dating on this site down to the sites matching features, which may have worked against us.

Women On

We would say that this was a female-friendly site and therefore had a good range of women on it, but overall, we thought the quality on this site was above average. There were few knockouts on the site, but then we always see that as a warning sign for scammers anyway, but there were plenty of girls you would look twice at in a girl-next-door type way, which is the way we like it. The ages ranged from the mid-twenties up to cougar territory, but most were women in their late twenties/early thirties, which was the age range we were mostly approaching. Again, it is a good sign of a scam site if there are photos and members below this age range. Then they are trying to catch unsuspecting punters with the promise of dating nubile 18 year olds. That kind of things just doesn’t really happen on legitimate dating sites like Test Results

The results from Establishedmen were:

  • Emails Sent: 180
  • Replies Received: 127
  • Dates: 7

This was the lowest number of dates we got from our top five, and the reason it only barely makes the list. However, the quality of those dates was really high, so it still deserves our recommendation. We would still have preferred more dates from the site, particularly considering all the work we put in, but we sometimes felt this site worked against us as was much more bias in favor of finding the right man for the woman, rather than the right gal for the guy.


To get anywhere on (and admittedly we didn’t get far), then you have to use the messaging system to your advantage. We felt that women really had the upper hand on this site and could pick and choose whichever guys they wanted, so being confident and forward allowed to be ahead of the pack. Because the site shows you who is online and who isn’t, it meant we could tailor or messages to any girls who were at their computers right there and then, rather than sending messages to full inboxes only for them to be swamped by other guys before the girl read them. Once in a while we would break this rule and message our favorite girls when they were away. This was so that they would always be reminded of us when they returned to the site, but we only did this for women that we had already built up a rapport with.

Top Features

Establishedmen had some unique features that we didn’t see on any other sites. In particular it had a personality tester that tried to match you with specific people. We had reservations about this system because it tried to categorize you and to guide you towards particular types of people. This is not really what we wanted from the site. We would have preferred to be able to make up our own minds about the girls we wanted to meet, but it could be a feature that other people would like more. If you are looking for a specific type of girl, then it could really work for you as it narrows down your search quite drastically. It will also introduce you to these specific people on the site, therefore getting the initial meet over with.This system is also dynamic, changing depending on how you update your profile and the people you seem interested in. Again, this was not the way we chose to do things, but we think that it could work wonders for the right people. – Our Final Recommendation

Unfortunately we did not have the best time on, but are mature enough to see that that was probably down to use rather than the site. The site has a lot of very good features that can help you find exactly what you are after, and because the girls on the site combine both prettiness and personality, finding the right girl on can be a very good thing.