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We did not have a lot of luck on, but that didn’t stop it being a good site or one that we wouldn’t recommend. It seemed more advanced than a lot of sites and one more geared towards serious daters, but we still found some girls that were up for fun on there. If […] Read more

Passion is another big site in online dating and was another site on which we found great success. We got the most out of this site by making sure that are pictures were the best quality available, and by adding to that a good profile. This led to lots of women making the first contact, […] Read more

The main stand out of was the hotness of the girls on the site. This was the site we tested that had the most stunning girls of all. Because of that, they were a bit more picky than most and we didn’t have quite as much luck as the sites higher up the list. […] Read more is probably the biggest dating site on the internet, so it is no surprise it makes our top five. It already boasts more success than any other dating site, though for our purposes, it was outmatched by But still, because it is such a large site, it has a large amount of women […] Read more

This was the best site we came across during our experiments in online dating. The site had exactly what we wanted, which was basically plenty of really hot women. It was also free of any type of scam and all the girls we came across were legitimate, and up for fun. If you are just […] Read more