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Masterminding the best message to send to a woman that you are interested in dating is of vital importance to your success in online dating. Get it wrong and she will never even reply. Get it right and you have immediately created a rapport with her and you are on your way. What is important […] Read more

You’ve charmed a great girl online, found the right place for the date, and you’ve prepared yourself correctly. You have done everything right and are ready and raring to go. Then you get to the date and you ruin all your good work? How? By being dull, arrogant, abusive, or abrasive. You chose to talk […] Read more

 online dating liesLying is universal. We all do it, to a greater or lesser extent. Certainly when it comes to online dating, EVERYONE is doing it. Every single profile you read will contain some kind of lie. It is the size of the lie that is the problem. If you are just embellishing a […] Read more

Reading a woman is like reading War and Peace. In the original Russian handwritten notes of Tolstoy. You could live for a thousand years and still not understand the small signs, behaviors or traits of a woman you likes you, or dislikes you. Whereas men make it very obvious when they are attracted to the […] Read more

The location of your first date is obviously of paramount importance for both how well that date goes, and how well the relationship fares in general. There are some safe bets for places to go. A nice, small, independent restaurant is always a good option, particularly for the romantic appeal. If you want to keep […] Read more

The relationship probably started out as a lot of fun and you have had some great times together, but all good things come to an end and most relationships end up with one party dumping the other. This can sometimes be acrimonious, with both people realizing that the fun has gone from the relationship and […] Read more

 Over possessive partnerUnfortunately, almost all guys have that insecurity and possessive instinct within them. Most manage to keep a lid on it most of the time, only showing it when they truly think something might be up. But for some guys, that lid is off all the time and whenever they get with a […] Read more

At some point in your life, you will unfortunately hook up with a crazy girl. It is almost a rites of passage for a man. She will start out seeming like the dream girl. Constantly fun, probably hot and up for anything. But after a while, be it a week or a month, the façade […] Read more

All guys love extra accoutrements on girls. Whether it is a necklace that dangles down pointing to her cleavage, hot heels accentuating her legs, or even a tongue piercing with which she could do naughty things, these little extra help a girl individualize herself and add a little flair to her outfit. Though men do […] Read more

Every guy wants to walk into a room and immediately command it, for every girl in the place to look round to him and admire and for every man to seethe with jealousy. In real life, this doesn’t really happen, except possibly to George Clooney or Johnny Depp. For the vast majority of men, no […] Read more