How To Come Off As Confident: James Bond Style

Every guy wants to walk into a room and immediately command it, for every girl in the place to look round to him and admire and for every man to seethe with jealousy. In real life, this doesn’t really happen, except possibly to George Clooney or Johnny Depp. For the vast majority of men, no one notices when they enter a room or when they leave. But every guy wants to change that, and you would be surprised at how possible that is. Fine you may never be quite the head turners that George and Johnny are, but you can make sure people notice you and make sure that you seem like the most confident person in the joint by following three simple steps.

Dress well

People miss this even though it is obvious. Either guys are to wedded to their own style, no matter how bad it might be, or they have no style at all and shun the idea of dressing up and looking good for the occasion. And dressing well fits any occasion, be it a night out at a club, a board meeting or just a quick coffee around the corner. If you are always dressed to impress then you will always impress, no matter who or where. This will make you feel far more confident about anything you have to do, whether it is chat up a girl at a bar, or give a work presentation.

confident man

Confident man dress well

Keep Calm

If you want to appear confident then you have to fake it until you make it. No one is confident straight off that bat, it is just some people are better at appearing so. If you appear confident then you will look confident as no one will know what is really going on inside your head and how much you are fretting. If you are in a situation when you are chatting to a woman and are worried about it, then try to calm yourself and slow down. Slow your speech to make sure you are not gabbling and to show that you are listening intently to her. Speaking to someone should not be a tricky situation, so do not let your brain fool you into thinking it is.

Stand Straight

A sign of a weak, unconfident man is if he stands around with hunched shoulders, stooped over like he is trying to hide from the world. If you stand up straight, with your shoulders back, then you already add a couple of inches to your frame and then you can start to impose yourself on others and feel more confident about yourself. It also allows you to breathe better, getting more oxygen to your brain and body so you will think better and feel better, boosting your confidence along the way.