Dealing With Crazy Girls: The Nutcase Factor

At some point in your life, you will unfortunately hook up with a crazy girl. It is almost a rites of passage for a man. She will start out seeming like the dream girl. Constantly fun, probably hot and up for anything. But after a while, be it a week or a month, the façade will start to crack. Something small will upset her and she will act like you just ran over her pet Chihuahua. At this point you should just bale, getting as fas away as possible and leaving it for the next sucker. But sometimes, either through stupidity, or love, you will choose to stay with her and try to work things out. If so, here are a few tips for dealing with a nutcase.

Calm Her

Whenever she flies off the handle you have to try and stay calm yourself. The worst thing you could do is also start arguing as this will just exacerbate the situation. She will never de-escalate any argument so it will always be left to you. Let her vent for a while and then start talking in a calm voice and go over the problems she has, looking for solutions. Of course, she will not really be interested in the solutions, but by staying calm you are playing for time and allowing her to calm down herself. You could say anything during this time, it doesn’t really matter, but the trick is to calm her down by keeping calm yourself.

Keep Your Distance

Once you get tired of that, and you will get tired of that, then the next option is just to keep away from her when she is on the warpath. Like above, she is really the only person that can calm herself down, and she will in time as she will want to revel in the drama caused. SO during this time you can head off and do something useful with your life like pet rabbits, open an orphanage or write an opera. Anything that keeps you out of her gunsights.

crazy girlfriend

Dealing with crazy girlfriend

Go With It

One of the reasons you liked her in the first place was the crazy, so yo may as well enjoy it. She is likely to be fun, wild and up for adventure so you should have as much fun, wildness and adventure with her as possible. This is the time of your life to go a bit crazy as well and live out a bit of a fantasy. You can always find a more stable, and boring, woman to settle down with later. For now, enjoy the crazy!