Sure Signs She Is Really Into You

Reading a woman is like reading War and Peace. In the original Russian handwritten notes of Tolstoy. You could live for a thousand years and still not understand the small signs, behaviors or traits of a woman you likes you, or dislikes you. Whereas men make it very obvious when they are attracted to the opposite sex, women like to make it a riddle inside in a conundrum wrapped in an enigma. And then complain when you do not notice. Luckily researchers have managed to tie down some tell-tale signs that women are interested in a man that you can use to determine whether she likes you or not.

couple drinking

Looking at her date with interest

Touching Herself

Not there. But in general if a women is touching her hair or her face then she is interested in you. Subconsciously she is doing two things. One, she is preening and grooming herself for you, showing off all her good sides so that you will notice. You eye will be drawn to wherever her hands go, so she is trying to draw you attention there. And two, she is thinking about what it would be like for you to be touching her in these places as well, with your hands all over her.And if she is touching herself there, then, yes, it is a good sign….


Remember back when you were a kid and you really liked a girl at school? One of the things you would do, instead of talking to her, was tease her. You might pick something out about her and make fun of her, or you might even have little play fights, anything to make her notice you. Well, we take those childish behaviors into adulthood as well. If she starts teasing you about something, maybe something stupid you said or did, then that is actually a good sign. Try not to get offended and instead choose to go with it and play along. It is just like playing in the playground as a kid and will hopefully end up with her noticing you.

Closing In

This is an obvious move but one that many guys simply to not notice. Just as a man will steadily creep towards a girl he likes, trying to get closer to her, so will many women. But with them, of course, it is far less threatening. If a girl is sidling up to you as you sit together and pressing herself against you then this what you call a good sign. She wants to be as close to your body as possible, preferably sans clothing.