Why We Lie: Why Everyone Online Lies A Little Bit

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online dating lies

Lying is universal. We all do it, to a greater or lesser extent. Certainly when it comes to online dating, EVERYONE is doing it. Every single profile you read will contain some kind of lie. It is the size of the lie that is the problem. If you are just embellishing a few facts about yourself to sound slightly more impressive than you are, then that is generally considered OK. But if you are setting yourself up to be someone you are not then, even though you might sounds great online, when it comes to real life and the real date, it is definitely going to end in failure. SO what do people lie about online? OkCupid did some research on their data and came up with the four main things that people choose to lie about online.

More Size

Not that type of size. If you are putting that on your profile then something is terribly wrong. No, OkCupid looked at what people put as their height and the national average. On average, people who were on OkCupid were two inches taller than the national average. Something smells fishy. Yep, people continually adjusted their height upwards to seem a little taller than they were. There could be a good reason for this. It seems taller people do have more sex than their shorter brethren. Men tended to round up to 6 foot, which is the benchmark for tall in the U.S. Women also adjusted up, but to more variable heights as there isn’t such a benchmark for women.

More Money

This is an obvious one. People always round their salary up to the nearest nice round number, or further if they are really looking to impress. Particularly older people tended to exaggerate how much they earned, presumably as they felt they should earn more as they got older. This generally isn’t oo much of a problem initially, but when you are getting into a more committed relationship, it can be difficult to tell you partner that you might not be able to buy that Ferrari for them for their birthday.

More Hot

Of course people would chose the hottest photo of themselves to up load to any dating site. But OkCupid found that people uploaded the best photos of themselves no matter how old the photo was. If a photo on the site was old, then you can bet it was a hot one. People always want to show themselves in the best light, but if you are uploading pictures of yourself as a hot 25-year old, and now you are a pudgy thirty-something, the corresponding date is not going to go well.

More Fun

If you read in a profile that the girl also like other women, beware. Though this will set your imagination racing and you’ll immediately be sending messages to these girls, ti turns out that a lot of people put that they are bisexual when, in fact, they really only swing one way. It could be that they do genuinely want to widen the pool of prospective dates, or it could be because they want to attract as many of their real preference as possible and know this is a good way to do it.