Increase Your Chances Of A Call Back By Talking About These Points On Your Date

You’ve charmed a great girl online, found the right place for the date, and you’ve prepared yourself correctly. You have done everything right and are ready and raring to go. Then you get to the date and you ruin all your good work? How? By being dull, arrogant, abusive, or abrasive. You chose to talk about yourself, your ex, how women suck, or your pitiful life. She’ll thank you for the date and then RUN. You will never, ever hear from this girl again, even though it all seemed to be going well until you opened your big, fat mouth. However, just as saying the wrong thing will make her run, saying the right thing will make sure that by the end of the first date, she will be craving for more.

woman on phone

Woman on phone

Take An Interest

You would think that this would be an obvious, but most guys, especially those dating online, are so self-obsessed that she will love that you bother to take an interest in her life. Ask her about her childhood, her job, her friends, hobbies, whatever. Just get her talking about herself (and what woman doesn’t love doing that) and listen. And make sure you are actually listening. Then you can ask the pertinent questions and show your interest in her life.

Dreams (Not The Sleeping Ones)

Of course, everyone knows talking about your nightly dreams is possibly the dullest thing to talk about ever. But talking about the dreams you have for your life is one of the best things to talk about on a date. Why? Well, when you talk about your future she will unconsciously start to insert herself into those scenarios. If you talk about how you want to be a firefighter, she’ll imagine herself waiting for you at home while you are out being brave, and imagine the reward she will give you for your bravery when you return safe and sound.


No one wants to seem like a loner, and talking about your friends shows that you are a sociable, affable person that is fun and enjoys doing lots of things. This allows you to boast a bit, but from the perspective of someone else. If you have been on a great trip to Peru, talk about that trip in terms of what you and your friends did and the funny stories from the trip, rather than bragging about your worldliness.