The Basics Of Crafting A Great First Message To A Woman

Masterminding the best message to send to a woman that you are interested in dating is of vital importance to your success in online dating. Get it wrong and she will never even reply. Get it right and you have immediately created a rapport with her and you are on your way. What is important is to remember that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. You have to get it right first time, so make sure you follow these simple rules.

dating messages

Online dating messages

Good Manners

Be polite. Obvious when you say it but many men miss this, trying to be overly familiar, cocky, or bullish will immediately backfire. Just be nice, introduce yourself and keep it good-natured and fun throughout.

A Great Connection

Show that you have read her profile and thought about her by mentioning a connection between the two of you. Could be mutual acquaintances, an area you both know, or a shared hobby. Anything that creates a connection between the two of you and could be the basis of a relationship.

Ask For Something

Make sure you give her a reason not to ignore you and to message back. Whatever connection you have established, ask her for more information. If you grew up in the same area, ask her if she remembers a nearby bar or store, or if she knows such-and-such. The point of this is so that you can start an actual conversation about something other than dating and make the whole scenario more realistic.

Keep It Short

Keep the first message short and sweet. The worst thing to do is write an essay about yourself and random ideas running through your head. Just have your basic information, something to show you have been paying attention to her and that this is not just a blanket message you send to all the girls, and a hook to make sure she feels obliged to message you back.