scams on dating services

eHarmony originally looked like exactly the site we would be interested in, with a hell of a lot of hot people hooking up. It advertises as ‘Sexy personals for passionate people’. Oh how wrong we were. Beware gentlemen, this is a sausage fest. I guess because of the marketing this site is just packed with […] Read more

The problem with can be summarized in one simple word: Dull. Dull site, dull ideas, dull people, and dull women. Nothing about this site made us want to be there, and nothing about the site stood out and suggested that this was the site on which we were going to meet a lot of […] Read more

This was one of our least favourite sites on the whole of the internet. It is a terribly designed site, filled with either fake accounts or a poor quality of woman. This is exactly the type of site you should be avoiding with you start online dating. Badly Designed The first thing that strikes you […] Read more

This was definitely one of the weirder sites we came across when researching online dating sites. The front page says that is was designed by one man, Markus, and his team of PhDs. Well, it certainly feels like that. This site really seems to have no idea about how to date women. It wants to […] Read more

The site was at least novel. We didn’t like it because it didn’t fit with our way of dating and the ideas that we think really work in terms of attracting girls on dating sites and setting up dates with them, don’t really work on a site like this. The basic premise is to use […] Read more

Our main problem with was that is made what is basically a very simple idea, dating other people, into an overly complicated endeavor where we were constantly chasing around their website trying to find the right girls for us. This really hurt the overall experience and meant that we, and we presume a lot […] Read more is definitely the young upstart on the dating website scene, and therefore we thought it would be a great place for us and a greta place to meet a lot of hot young women. But in truth, behind the responsive website and the smartphone apps lies the same over-subscribed dating system as any other […] Read more

Date is one of the biggest sites around, but we didn’t find anything on the site that really made it stand out from the crowd, and we wondered why so many people had signed up for this site above any of the better ones we found. Oh, tell a lie, there was one reason that […] Read more

Matchmaker is one of the best known dating sites in the world, and subsequently has a lot of members. While this initially might seem like a good thing as you are more likely to find someone, it also leads to lower overall quality and a very large number of redundant accounts – those people who […] Read more

OkCupid advertises itself as a casual online social community, and casual would be exactly the way to describe this site. We found that, though there were some nice girls on this site and we had some limited success, it was far too casual for our liking. The girls on it were not engaging and did […] Read more