Where Not To Go On A First Date

The location of your first date is obviously of paramount importance for both how well that date goes, and how well the relationship fares in general. There are some safe bets for places to go. A nice, small, independent restaurant is always a good option, particularly for the romantic appeal. If you want to keep your options open a bit more, then meeting for a coffee, again ideally at a small independent coffee shop, will show the girl that you are both laid-back and interesting. And just as there are good places to go, so there are places you should avoid like the plague when taking a girl out for the first time, all for different reasons.


You would think this is a solid bet for a first date location, as it has been a go-to for generations. However, it has a number of distinct downsides when choosing it for the first time you meet somebody. The most obvious would be that for two hours you cannot talk to the girl at all. This means that you cannot get to know her, and she you. Therefore it is kind of pointless as you will need to go on another date or head somewhere afterwards to talk. Also, if you were expecting any action that night you can forget about it as you will have had no chance to charm her into bed. It is a good place to go a few dates in when you are more comfortable with each other.

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Watching movie on a first date


Taking a girl to a club on a first date is a minefield. So many things are wrong with the idea it amazes me that people still consider it a good idea. Again, it has the problem that you basically cannot talk the entire time, unless your conversation is enhanced with a booming bass beat. Then you have the added worry that every other guy in their will try and hit on her while she is with you. This is lose-lose for you, as you’ll either come over too possessive, or too nonchalant. And unless you move like Jagger, then do you really want this girl to see you on the dance floor on a first date?

A Chain

Notice that I suggested that both the restaurant and coffee shop should be independent. This is vital. Nothing kills romance like an Applebees. Don’t take a possibly future partner to your favourite steak joint or to somewhere where she could go every other day. Show that you know interesting places by taking her somewhere knew and out of the way that has an extra vibe, either romantic or friendly, and will help her relax into the date.