Find The Best Dating Service Strategy To Get More Women

Most guys find a site and stick to it. WRONG! This is not the way to go about and we strongly advise against it. Why? Because you want to meet as many girls as possible, that is why. The girls will probably stick to one site so you need to be using multiple dating services to cast you net wide to make sure you catch all the little fishies you want.

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Paying Less For More

Of course you are already worrying about how much this scheme is going to cost you, but don’t worry, the cost is nowhere near as much as you think. Plus, let’s put it into comparison with the other way to get girls: a night out. You go out on the pull at least once a week, probably more. You can get through at least $100 on each of these nights out. So, in one month, that is $400. Minimum. And what do you have to show for all this at the end of it, apart from a beer gut and a worried liver? Almost nothing. You might get one girl a week. Maximum. All you really get is time with your buddies and a lot of looking. But that is it.

If you choose online dating instead then what happens is the opposite. You will get immediate access to a hell of a lot of girls, girls that are explicitly interested in dating, without all the extra BS of the dating scene. And what is it going to cost you? Perhaps $40 per month to sign up for a couple of sites. A bit more if you want to look further afield. And on these sites you could set up dates every night of the week.

So it’s $400 for no women, or $40 for loads. You can spend the other $360 on all the dates you are going to go on.

Using The Best Sites

You online dating service strategy should be to only use the best sites, which are:

Using these sites have a lot of extra advantages too, and you can maximize your success on dating services. No doubt you have hooked up with a stunner in a bar before, only to find her false teeth on the nightstand the next morning. With online dating, at least you will get a good look at her sober before you commit to anything. In addition, a lot of girls will stick to one site, and certain girls go for certain sites in particular. Therefore, if you sign up for a number of different sites you will have a better chance of trying out different girls and finding your exact match.

This isn’t the point that you want to be thrifty. You want to spend a bit of extra money to sign up to the premium sites with the best women, and by signing up to two or more sites then you have a far greater chance of finding exactly the right woman for you.