Ending A Date That Is Not Going Well: Tactics

Sometimes dates just do not go well. It could be that the girl turns out to be not all she cracked up to be, that she is not keen on you after a first meet, or that you simply do not click how you thought you would. Whatever the problem is, extricating yourself from the date situation can be tricky, particularly if it is a case of you not liking the girl, but her still liking you. In these cases then getting out and saving face, both hers and yours takes tact. And if you don’t have tact, then you need friends…

ending a date

ending a bad date


In this case, it really is the best policy. You need to be a man and tell the girl that you just don’t see this going further and that you should just end it here. It is going to hurt her feelings, but in the long run it is better that everyone is on the same page. But you have to let her down gently, and generally not be a prick about it. If you just own up and say that you are not interested, 9 out of ten girls will be OK with that and you can both go your separate ways. But if you try to belittle her or are nasty about it, then you deserve all the bullshit you will get.

Be Ready In Advance

If you are not sure how well the date is going to go before you meet, then try and be ready for any eventuality by planning the date carefully. Either meet for something which likely to be quick, such as a coffee, or during a time when you are time-limited, so you can only stay for an hour. This way, you can get out of there quickly when the time is up. But if things are going well, then you can always have another cup of coffee…

Have An Escape Plan

If you are not brave enough to just be honest with the girl, then the other option is to fake it. Tell a pal in advance that you will need a call at a certain time, say half way through the date. If you feel the date is going badly, then you can take the call and pretend it is some emergency that you have to fly off to. Of course, everyone knows this is probably a lie, but she won’t be able to prove it so will probably not say anything. But if the date is going well, you can just ignore the call and continue. This option has two drawbacks though. It relies on your friends, who may well decide to not call just for the fun of it and land you with a bad date all night, and automatically it marks you out as a douchebag. So, if in doubt, just man up and tell her.