So… Why DO Women Like Assholes?

Probably the one question men ask more than any other. They see a hot guy out for the night on the arm of a guy who looks like a complete asshole, or that they know is a complete asshole. Either that, or they have had numerous conversations with their female friends who are dating such assholes. Decent guys always wonder why good girls go for such men and leave the nice ones with all the dregs. The answer boils down to three basics of human psychology.

what women want

what women like

Bad Self-Esteem

Women are basically taught to hate themselves from a very early age. They are taught that only their looks matter, not who they are and that basically they are just a trophy for some rich guy. A lot of women, including the powerful and tough ones you might know have significant insecurity problems, and the attention of any guy feels good for them. Usually it is only these douchebags that give girls attention because they think all girls love them (which they do, for a time), therefore they flock to those guys. If the decent ones plucked up the courage to talk to hot girls more often and give them the requisite attention, it would soon be them getting all the action.

They Can Be Fun

Assholes can often be a lot of fun. Because they don’t care about anyone or anything, apart from themselves, then they go out partying, they do crazy stuff and then have a good time. Just like guys like girls who are good fun, the same goes for women. If it is a choice between a nice guy who is boring, or a bad guy who is fun, the girl is always going to choose the fun, just as if you were given the choice between a fun girl and a dull girl, you would pick the party girl each time.

The Fixer

Whereas when men get with a girl they hope she will never change and stay hot and young and fun forever, when a girl chooses a man she thinks about what she can change him into rather than what he is now. Therefore, they do not necessarily see an asshole – they see a confused guy and someone who can be changed for the good. Of course, the guy himself is likely to resist this as much as possible and that is where the problem lies. But that doesn’t stop the girl from trying. In addition, if she does succeed in turning round a bad boy, it is much more kudos than if she makes a good boy better. Then she shows her feminine wiles to the maximum to all the other women and shows that she is queen bee.