What Does She Really Think About You? We Share Our “Spy” Secrets

Everyone knows that the minds of women are impenetrable. Getting to understand what they want and what they are thinking requires six PhDs and more computing power than Google. Luckily, we have crunched that data and found out form various dating sites exactly what women do really think of men and what they do really want from their gentlemen friends. These are the top three things that you woman really thinks about you:

She Doesn’t Care How You Look (Mostly)

Whereas men think about how a woman looks about ten times a minute, these things do not matter quite so much to women. If you are carrying a bit of a belly, then to her it just shows that you enjoy going out and having fun. Neither will she really care too much about whether you are going bald, or whether you are wearing the latest threads. Of course this thinking has limits. If you look like a slob, then there are very few girls who will really find that attractive.

She Doesn’t Care How Much You Earn (Mostly)

Again, for the most part, decent women do not really care how much you earn. Fine, they make think twice if you are working the burger line and McDonalds, but they really do not care if you are working for $50,000 or $500,000. They would prefer that you are doing something you love and are passionate about and feel good about yourself. That confidence will pass on to how you treat her, and she will think that if you are in a high-powered job, you might concentrate more on that than her.

what she thinks

What she think about him

She Does Care How You Act (Mostly)

This is the thing that women really care about: will you respect her. If you are going to treat her like a real person, be nice, funny, charming and all the rest, then she will forgive a hell of a lot. But if you are going to treat her bad, cheat, argue, sulk and be chauvinistic, then she will up and leave as soon as possible. Once in a while everyone has arguments, and she won’t want a milquetoast either, so you should feel confident enough to stand your ground in any argument and have your own independence. But always remember that she is a real person with real feelings and that you have to act accordingly.