My Experience With An Online Dating Female Scammer

Online dating can either be a passport to success, where you might land the women of your dreams, or it can be your worst nightmare when someone, somewhere in the world decides that they want to try and scam you out of as much of your money as possible. Unfortunately, this is what happened to me online. I got carried away with temptation and the possibility of getting with a very hot girl, and it was only at the very last minute that I managed to come to my senses and pull out of the deal, saving myself thousands, even if I did end up with a lot of embarrassment.

online dating scam

online dating scam

Everything I Wanted

While looking over one of the less salubrious sites from our reviews, I started getting messages from one girl in particular. She looked pretty cute in the image attached to the messages so I checked out her profile. She was 5’9”, athletic, brunette, and buxom. Just my (and every other guys) type. Originally, I just choose to ignore her. My initially thoughts were ‘scam’ as this girl fitted the profile for scam completely, i.e. too good to be true. However, a few things did make her stand out and put some doubts into my mind. The main one was that she was nearby, not some Russian looking for a plane ticket, and her English was good, something you don’t normally see in a scam artist.

Great Pics

Of course, the main thing that disengaged my brain was the great pictures of her. These weren’t the usual porn shots associated with a scam. She just looked like a really normal girl. A very hot really normal girl, but a normal girl nonetheless. Therefore I committed the cardinal sin – I messaged back. My thinking was that maybe I was such a stud and my personal profile and pictures worked so well that I was attracting this caliber of girl. Basically, I was so awesome, of course someone like this wants me. We chatted back and forth for a while and I really thought I had hit the jackpot. I was already writing about how this site was the most awesome of all the ones we tested, purely on the basis of this lone girl.

Money, Money, Money

And then, it hit me. We had been chatting for a few days, getting to know each other and I was near enough to closing the deal and asking for a real meet, when she appeared online one day and was less chatty than normal. Asking what was wrong, she at first deflected the questions saying that nothing was wrong. But eventually the sob story came. Aunt in hospital, near death, miles away, can’t afford travel… blah, blah, blah. Of course, she wasn’t going to ask me for the money, she would find it somewhere, or her aunt would die and she would never see her…The minute she asked for money, I snapped out of the spell. Luckily. A lot of guys do not and send their life savings to some random person (who is probably a dude). I cut all contact and considered myself lucky. Stupid, but lucky.