Top 3: 5-Minute Pre-date Workouts To look Buff

Exercise should be about the long term. You should set defined goals and work on strength conditioning and cardiovascular conditioning equally. You should stretch properly, warm up and warm down, and always consult a professional before attempting any new workouts or routines…But sometimes you just want to look hot, right? Probably you have a hot date that night and want to make sure you are going out as pumped up as can be. Therefore you need specific exercises that you can do quickly and will make your muscles pop, raise your testosterone levels and make sure you are looking as good as can be to impress the girl. Here are our three favourite quick routines that will work your upper body and make sure you are busting out of your shirt.

pre date workout

5 minute workout

Chest – Inclined Dumb-bell Press (4×25 reps)

  • Lie on a bench at a 45-dgree angle, with a dumb-bell in each hand.
  • Extend through until your arms are at full extension, but don’t look your arms out; make sure you keep the tension in your muscles and keep the blood flowing to them.
  • Lower the weights down, bending your elbows and make sure all the strain is in your chest.

Arms – Bicep Curls (4×60)

  • Keep the weights low for maximum reps, or use an elastic band instead
  • Pump as quickly as possible. Your biceps are what she will see most, so you want them as pumped and full of blood as possible.
  • Fast reps also use more muscle fibers, so there will be more muscle for her to ogle.

Shoulders – Lateral Raises (4×20)

  • Have a dumb-bell in each hand, down by your side, with your palms facing in.
  • Stand with your feet shoulders-width apart and raise the dumb-bells up with your arms straight until they are level with your shoulders.
  • Hold there for a second to make sure you are working the whole of the muscle in your shoulder and that they are going to be as big as possible before the date.