What To Say On Your Dating Service Profile

After you picture, your online dating service profile is the thing that a girl searching for guys like you is going to see. If you do not write it correctly, then they will just pass you right by and you’ll have lost the chance of a date at the first opportunity. You have to sell yourself in this profile and be the man that these girls want you to be.

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If you get your profile for dating service right, then it will act as the bait for you to reel a girl in. A well-written profile will mean that girls will immediately want to contact you to learn more and you will be in a great position to charm the women further with your messages.

While we have been testing dating sites, we have also been testing different profiles to see which ones work best, on which sites and with what women. By following these dating profile tips to writing a great profile, you are maximizing your chances on these sites.

Stay Classy

Too many guys make the number one mistake when it comes to writing a dating profile. They write one that smacks of crassness and insecurity and these two things are immediate turn-offs for any women. Instead of keeping it charming they write sexually explicit crap which will either make the girl reading it cry or laugh, but certainly not contact.

You need to stay as classy as possible. OK, so you are online looking for dates and all that entails, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t approach it all with a little bit of decorum. You need to make sure that women see you as someone who is only looking for a good time with nice girls, not someone who is just desperate to get with anyone with breasts. Luckily, you are already ahead of the game as you are actively thinking about how you come across to girls online. You are going to be ahead of 99% of guys, who just do not put any effort into constructing a good online profile and do not sell themselves properly on dating sites.

Become A New Man

Here is the lie that everyone has told you throughout your life: the way to get girls is to be yourself. Sorry, nope. Though it would be great if we could all just be the people we are and see the girls flocking, in reality that is not what happens. Otherwise you wouldn’t need dating sites in the first place. You need to understand your strengths, but also your weaknesses. You need to know what you are doing wrong and then how to fix it. But the fixing is easy, you just have to fake it til you make it. The vast majority of women want a single type of guy – someone who is funny, sexy, and charming. Even if you do not feel you fit into any of those categories, it is only a matter of believing you do for it to come true. What you have to do is sell a better version of yourself to these women, and also to yourself.

You are creating a fantasy that the girls on these sites can fall for, whether it be George Clooney, James Bond, or Chris Hemsworth. By believing you are that guy, you will make them believe the same.

It is all about confidence.

The Best Profile Descriptions

During our trials, we tested 20 different profiles to see which ones really worked with women and which were complete turn-offs. Here are the top three that got good, positive responses from the girls on these sites:

  1. Educated, but still with a bit of the streets in me. 29-year old designer. Love hard nights and lazy mornings.
  2. Love to be outdoors hiking, playing, camping, cooking, whatever… not much of a couch potato. 31, with a bit of grey, but like to think I can still keep up with the kids.
  3. Hi, I’m a 25 year old guy who splits his time between friends on the weekends, a job I adore during the day and the odd evening volunteering during weeknights. Don’t have a lot of spare time, but what I do, I would like to spend with you.
    Each of these plays into a different fantasy that any of the women on the sites might have. The first is a bit of rough, but not so bad she has to hide him, that will be mostly about a wild romance. The second is for more active girls, who look for guys that like to be out and about doing everything all the time. The third for more compassionate souls, as we designed that one to be slightly more subtle, sweet, and caring.