Guide To Success In Online Dating Services – Free Strategies

The point of this guide is to make sure you get the most out of online dating. Our dating service advice is here to maximize your chances with any girls you meet online and to help you to get the hottest girls that are on these sites. We have gone over all these sites to pick out the best and worst of online dating.

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Use This Dating Advice

We have spent months going through over 500 sites online, picking the best, working out of the worst, and discovering what works and what doesn’t with the girls on these sites. We have done this so you can use this online dating advice to get these girls. If you choose not to follow our advice then that is our prerogative. Who knows, you might get lucky. But realistically, there is a 90% chance that you will get nowhere. You will waste your time and money on useless sites, pointless women, and fake and scams. We have already been there and done that for you, so for your own sake, use the advice here. If you do follow our dating service tips for profiles, pictures, messages and sites, you will have far, far more success online that if you have to discover all this for yourself.

The Guide

We have put together more than just a review of the best and worst sites in internet dating. Rather, we wanted to make a complete guide to navigate the online world of dating and help people land the exact girls they want…


A great dating profile is the basis for online dating. Without a profile to back you up, you will get nowhere with women online. But a bad profile is probably even worse than none at all. If you come across wrong in your profile then you are finished, you’ll get no replies and you’ll be left dateless again. That is why we spent time working through possible profile scenarios to work out what does and what doesn’t work when it comes to getting a girl’s attention. We tested multiple different profiles, and have given you the rules to concocting a profile that will immediately grab the woman’s attention and make sure that she wants to learn more.


Along with your profile goes your pictures. Again, this is something which the majority of men make a catastrophic mistake on, either choosing to go for just a single face picture, or they go overboard and post lewd pics (Believe, we have seen them). Both of these strategies are wrong, and in this guide we will show you the best types of pictures to post that will let the women get to know you and build you as a fantasy in their eyes.


You might think that with your profile and pictures you can sit back and let the women come running. This is the one big mistake all men make on these sites – not being proactive. You have to get out there and do the chasing, identifying your targets and getting the right dating messages to the right ones. We will take you through the recipe for crafting messages to women online and give you the online dating tips that make sure that she will message you back instantly.


All this is online, but we won’t leave you alone when you take it out into the real world. We have also worked out the best actual date advice. Where you should meet the girl, when, and then how to seal the deal and get what you came for.

The Scam Sites

Online dating is a minefield, and a heavily mined one at that. Most of the sites you are going to come across online are running some kind of scam or other. Either they just want your money and will try to set you up with women who will be terrible, or nonexistent, or they are badly run and you’ll never be able to get any nice women from there. We’ll also tell you how to spot women scammers on all sites, to make sure you are not their prey…

The Legitimate Sites

But there are good sites online, and we have worked out the five best sites for dating. We tested these sites extensively over three months, working out what worked on these sites and what did not, contacting as many cute girls as could, and seeing how they responded. We then set up and dated these girls for the benefit of men everywhere. These sites had the perfect combination of plenty of women, who were hot, and most importantly, not fake. On these sites you can have all the fun of online dating without all the risk.

So keep reading this dating service guide for the best online dating tips in the web so that you can get online and start dating today.