Why Leading Dating Services Exists?

We wanted to put together a guide that worked for regular guys like us. We are just a few guys who have tried online dating and found it wanting. Because we had run into so many scams along the way, we wanted a way to warn other guys as they started online dating as well.As we started testing different websites to see how legitimate they were, our remit grew. We started looking at what really works on each of these websites in terms of the profiles we had to write, the pictures we posted, and the messages we sent. The product of all of this research is dating service review.

Stop The Scams

This was the main thrust at the start of our journey. We were sick and tired of getting ripped off ourselves and knew that there were a lot of guys out there who were losing out on both money and girls because there seemed like a scam at every turn on internet dating sites. So we have put our necks on the line in calling out the very worst of these sites so that anyone can come along, read our reviews and make sure they themselves to do not end up getting scammed.

A Little Bit Of Help

Once we had identified good and bad sites it seemed stupid to just leave it there. We wanted to make sure that when guys started using the best sites that we had found, they found success on there as well. For that, we made sure that we also researched what was the best way to get the attention of women on these sites, and how to talk to the girls in these sites. By following these rules ourselves, we found a lot of success in online dating.